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<*>alphabet survey<*> [28 Jun 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | sore ]

Act your age: ummmmm....okay?
Born on what day of the week: i dont know
Chore you hate: taking care of my cats
Dad's name: Robert
Essentail make-up item: eyeliner
Favorite actors/actresses: to many to name
Gold or sliver: hmmmm depends
Hometown: Apalachin
Instruments you play: used to play the sax;-)
Job title: dont have one
Kids: noooope
Living arrangements: with my mom and dad
Mom's name: Pamela
Number of socks you own: tons!
Overnight hospital stays: nopeee
Phobia: roller coasters
Quote you like: lots
Religious affiliation: um too bad i dont know what afflilatifon means
Siblings: 2
Time you woke up today: 11
Unusual habits: idk
Vicious thing you've done: idk
Worst habit: idk
X-rays you've had: 1 for my hip
Your favorite season: summer!
Zodiac sign: tauras


<*> STUPID HIPS!<*> [23 Jun 2004|09:54am]
[ mood | angry ]

ERRRRRR!!!!!!!!=( My hips and legs are hurting me so much! I'm going to the doctors Friday to get em checked. I planed on running a 5k at Waverly on Saturday, and Idk if that's gonna happen anymore! We'll see! I dont even know if I'm gonna go to practice today! eerrrrr I'm so mad!

Stupid hips!

<*> [22 Jun 2004|09:34am]
[ mood | sore ]

Fill this out about me and put it under comments=)

what is your name::
how well do you know me::
do you want to know me better::
tell me one thing you like about me::
tell me one thing you hate about me::

[AM I..]
nice or a bitch::
pretty or ugly::
smart or stupid::
fun or boring::
immature or mature::
annoying or good to talk to::
active or lazy::

give me 5 dollars::
hang out with me::
tell your friends im cool::
abuse me physically::
kiss me::
go on a roadtrip with me::
help me with homework::
date me::
come to my funeral::
spend a day with me::

what would you buy me if you had 20 dollars::
what is my favorite color::
what is my favorite food::
have you ever wanted to hurt me physically::
do i get on your nerves alot::
if so, why::
if you could change anything about me, what would it be::


[21 Jun 2004|11:23am]
[ mood | sore ]

:x:about you:x:
name:x:: Michelle
age:x:: 15
sign:x:: Tauras
movie watched:x:: Mystic River
book read:x:: idk ha prolly the summer reading book
time you cried:x:: ummm I deff can't remember
time you brushed your hair:x:: last night
time you felt love:x:: few months ago prolly
word said out loud:x:: haha I can't remember
time you were sick:x:: like a week b4 track started
email you wrote:x:: hmm..can't remember..
magazine you read:x:: Firsttothefinish haha (running magazine)
song you heard:x:: donno
cd you listened to:x:: ummmmm not sure
asignment you did:x:: hah idk
time you were excited:x:: Track Party!
time you laughed:x:: Yesterday
person you talked to:x:: Ashley
play/concert you saw:x:: can't remember
person you kissed:x:: why do you care?!?
thing you did that you really shouldn't have:x:: haha again, why do you care?!?
:x:have you ever:x:
drank:x:: nah
done drugs:x:: nope
had sex:x:: Nah
cried because of someone of the same sex:x:: sure have
cried because of someone of the opposite sex:x:: Yes
kissed someone of the opposite sex:x:: Yes
kissed someone of the same sex:x:: No
had a huge crush on someone:x:: of course
:x:do you:x:
like long surveys:x:: eh if i'm bored..
like surveys at all:x:: " "
like love:x:: love..it's overrated! ;-)
eat too much:x:: at times..
:x:are you:x:
a happy person:x:: Sure am
a nice person:x:: most of the time..
happy with how you look:x:: not really
do you especially like darkness:x:: no
do you go to school dances:x:: yea
do you like them:x:: sometimes..
what do you want to he when you grow up:x:: not sure..a happy successful person!
are vampires very dear to your heart:x:: what kinda question is that?!?
how about monkeys:x:: definitely!
do you have pets:x:: 2 cats
brothers:x:: 1
sisters:x:: 1
are you parents together:x:: Yeah
or are they divorced:x:: No
do you like someone:x:: Maybe.
do they know:x:: Maybe.
do they like you:x:: Maybe.
will you love them until your dying day:x:: Maybe. lol..
does love lift you up where you belong:x:: Hmmm..
would you ever kill someone for love:x:: I don't think so. maybe i'd have to be in love before I answered that..
if you could kill one person who would it be:x:: prolly sum1 that annoys me
do you like reality tv:x:: idk
would you buy a cd for just one song:x:: prolly haha
could you be lovers? is that a fact:x:: what?
do you know that question 61 62 and 67 are all from moulin rouge:x:: do I care?!?
do you have a screen name:x:: definitely
is it dumb:x:: ha sorta
do you have friends:x:: yes haha
have you ever been in love:x:: uhhhh idk
:x:fill in the blanks:x:
i love_______:x:: all my friends! :-p
eat________:x:: food. lol?
put your hand_____:x:: up on my hips when i dip you dip we dip.. you put yours i put mine and we can dip down low and roll and grind.. Woah!
don't_______:x:: do it!
please____:x:: and thank you
cheese______:x:: and crackers
bloody______:x:: mary
roses____:x:: are red
do______:x:: the twist
he is______:x:: running.
death is______:x:: horrible
kicked off the_______:x:: internet
you see i've forgotten______:x:: where I put it.
i really_____:x:: am ready to be done with this survey
i want_______:x:: chocolate
you can tell everybody_______:x:: to rock on!
it may be quite simple but________:x:: its just so complicated
i hope you don't mind_____:x:: that I took your money
how wonderful life is_______:x:: sometimes
to be______:x:: or not to be is the question
juliet is the______:x:: suicidal lover
its a little funny_______:x:: and a bit strange..
book:x:: don't have one
movie:x:: have tons!
pet:x:: my cats
person:x:: have tons!
color:x:: blue
animal:x:: cats!MEOW!
word:x:: i do not know my favorite word
food:x:: ah. i like so much.. ice cream, pizza, etc.., etc...
drink:x:: beer( haha not really my fav. is gatorade)
band:x:: tough question
song:x:: "Down" by Something Corporate
lyric:x:: hmm.. don't know..
quote:x:: there are a few..
place to be:x:: Flordia is nice
part of your room:x:: my bed
thing in the world:x:: its more than a thing.. my friends and family are my favorite thingS in the world.
:x:either or:x:
france or england:x:: England
life or death:x:: life.
t.v. or movie:x:: t.v.
pepsi or coke:x:: pepsi
pool or hot tub:x:: pool
girl or boy:x:: depends
india or switzerland:x:: india
america or canada:x:: america
real life or t.v.:x:: real life
best friend:x:: Becca
nicest:x:: Jenna
funniest:x:: All of them!
prettiest:x:: All my friends are B-E-A-Utiful!
who can make you laugh the most:x:: Becca, Gen, Matt
weirdest:x:: deff. Becca
most immature:x:: Becca haha
ugliest:x:: No one is ugly!
the one you could fall in love with:x:: hmm?
the one you would marry:x:: who?
overall greatest:x:: I love all my friends!
the one you have hated in the past:x:: Jenn haha
farthest away:x:: o geez idk
:x:what do you think of when you hear this name:x:
erich:x:: Erica
mary:x:: Jenna
dennis:x:: the menace
jessica:x:: simpson
emily:x:: Wiles
satine:x:: sheets.
christian:x:: good!
ellen:x:: ???
tara:x:: ppl at my school
tony:x:: THE TIGER!
lizzie:x:: mcquire
margaret:x:: maggie
jonathan:x:: jonny
john:x:: some one that goes to my school
george:x:: george george of the jungle
alejandra:x:: idk
adriana:x:: idk
christine:x:: chris
mae:x:: the band!
alicia:x:: keys
alex:x:: cross
amanda:x:: Bramen
ashley:x:: my sister
tom:x:: idk
harold:x:: Har har har
stacey:x:: stacye's mom
matt:x:: Campbell
jake:x:: idk
jacob:x:: idk
do you like britney spears:x:: uh sometimes i suppose
christina aguilara:x:: same
what bands do you like:x:: tons!
what do you think of punk:x:: I like it
emo:x:: gay! gay! gay!
hardcore:x:: rock on!
avril lavigne:x:: uhhh idk
taking back sunday:x:: so last summer
coheed and cambrai:x:: idk
ramones:x:: idk haha
do you like
jennifer anniston:x:: donno who she is
brad pitt:x:: yes!! whata hottie!
jonny depp:x:: donno who he is
orlando bloom:x:: Yes.. So HOTT
courtney cox:x:: donno her
lindsey lohan:x:: Yep
hillary duff:x:: yea
moulin rouge:x:: nope
a walk to remember:x:: YES
10 things i hate about you:x:: yea
:x:what do you think of:x:
gay marraige:x:: its wrong
abortion:x:: its wrong
gays in the military:x:: never thought about it..
gays in boyscouts:x:: um. who cares!?!?
bisexuality:x:: confused individuals.
george bush:x:: nope
the war in iraq:x:: shouldn't it be over?..
the "chemical weapons" in iraq:x:: its gay
death:x:: horrible.
memories:x:: Have soo many!
tears:x:: crying
well did you like it:x:: it was a lil bit too long!
bye:x:: laater.


Happy Fathers Day!!!=) [20 Jun 2004|10:00am]
[ mood | creative ]

Have you ever....?

Mud Wrestled: YES!!! haha

Went skinny dipping: can't remember! honestly!

Went streaking: uh who hasn't?!?

Gotten Drunk: haha nope! isn't that a surprise?!?

Shop Lifted: nope! ha

Smoked Pot: NO!

Trashed a party: I'd be fun! but no

Got arrested: Now, come on I'm not that bad.

Swore to your parents: ummmmm im not really sure actually! I think so but I was prolly telling em a joke er something.

Been in Love: hmmmmm in a way yes in a way no. complicated situation.

Last time you....?

Ate: this morning

watched tv: last night

got on aim: now!

took a shower: last night

kissed someone: a couple of weeks ago

danced: yesterday, at the dance recital duhhhh

screamed: ummmmm prolly Friday

Went to the bathroom: haha I can't remember, I don't keep track lol

Went to the mall: like a month ago... I think=(

Ran: yesterday, when i was running for the stage so I wouldn't miss my dance lol


Food: theres so many to name!

Tv show: hmmm prolly SpongeBob SquarePants! he rocks!

Sport: Cross Country, and Track!

Name: not really sure about that one!

Person: oh i have quite a few!

Color: uhhh prolly blue, but i don't really have a favorite

Season: SUMMER! no school!

Thing to do: oh geezzz I have plenty!

Holiday: uhhh I like em all!

Music: I like a lot of music!





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<*> [19 Jun 2004|10:15pm]
thenext2strides's Word Usage
1. you (75) 26. what (9) 51. times (6) 76. memegen (4)
2. x (61) 27. got (9) 52. went (5) 77. up (4)
3. i (44) 28. now (9) 53. just (5) 78. running (4)
4. the (43) 29. yea (9) 54. heart (5) 79. when (4)
5. a (32) 30. love (9) 55. believe (5) 80. been (4)
6. to (31) 31. with (9) 56. it's (5) 81. can't (4)
7. my (31) 32. on (9) 57. dont (5) 82. created (4)
8. and (30) 33. you're (8) 58. you've (5) 83. or (4)
9. your (30) 34. think (8) 59. this (5) 84. wish (4)
10. of (29) 35. lol (8) 60. summer (5) 85. world (4)
11. in (22) 36. do (8) 61. ever (5) 86. impulse (4)
12. for (22) 37. it (8) 62. 8th (4) 87. s (4)
13. that (19) 38. but (8) 63. know (4) 88. 1500 (3)
14. is (17) 39. favorite (7) 64. want (4) 89. w (3)
15. me (15) 40. about (7) 65. back (4) 90. known (3)
16. have (13) 41. by (7) 66. way (4) 91. color (3)
17. i'm (13) 42. movie (7) 67. not (4) 92. slipping (3)
18. five (12) 43. against (6) 68. days (4) 93. i've (3)
19. one (11) 44. seven (6) 69. who (4) 94. fell (3)
20. things (11) 45. be (6) 70. could (4) 95. person (3)
21. name (11) 46. yes (6) 71. thanks (4) 96. t (3)
22. no (11) 47. friends (6) 72. last (4) 97. waters (3)
23. are (10) 48. go (6) 73. don't (4) 98. too (3)
24. from (10) 49. people (6) 74. something (4) 99. long (3)
25. like (10) 50. icon (6) 75. at (4) 100. 800 (3)
Word Count by Hutta.

<*> [10 Jun 2004|06:31pm]

To Far GoneCollapse )

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<*>my improvement! [31 May 2004|04:57pm]
4x4 lap went from 71 to 66
800 went from 2.44 to 2.36
1500 went from 5.51 to 5.21

From beginning of season to end of season!
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<*> [29 May 2004|08:32pm]

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

<*>PRs!<*> [14 May 2004|06:45pm]
800m - 2:36.8
for my 4x4 lap i got - 66
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